A few weeks ago FUCT SSDD released their look book for spring/summer 2013 named ‘Armagideon Time’…theres a mixture of paisley, flannel and sportswear designs including a coach jacket…the look book was shot by Rick Rodney… for more and to purchase visit http://shop.fuct.com/collections/all


fuct-ssdd-2013-spring-summer-new-releases-3-1 fuct-ssdd-2013-spring-summer-armagideon-time-lookbook-10 fuct-ssdd-2013-spring-summer-new-releases-7 fuct-ssdd-2013-spring-summer-new-releases-4 fuct-ssdd-2013-spring-summer-armagideon-time-lookbook-2 fuct-ssdd-2013-spring-summer-new-releases-1 fuct-ssdd-2013-spring-summer-armagideon-time-lookbook-11 fuct-ssdd-2013-spring-summer-armagideon-time-lookbook-14 fuct-ssdd-2013-spring-summer-armagideon-time-lookbook-13

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