I came back from Brighton to spend some time with the fam and me mum had saved this awesome documentary on the british photojournalist Don McCullin… it was an imagine documentary on BBC2 and it covered all of his career from starting in the streets of London taking photos of a local gang he used to hang around with as a youngen up to his time documenting the horrors of several conflicts around the world…quite an amazing human being who has had some amazing experiences along with seeing some horrifying sites…his pictures are extremely powerful and hard hitting, here is a selection of his work…and a nice little link with some more info

SHELL-SHOCKED-U.S.-MARINE-copy-518x732 HOMELESS-IRISHMAN-SPITALF-copy-518x758 THE-GUVENORS-FINSBURY-PAR-copy-518x516 Don-McCullin-US-Marine-hu-005 CIVILIAN-TORMENTED-BY-U.S.-copy-518x782 DM_0452-copy-518x367

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