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Shot by  Jason Nocito and with Jadakiss wearing the classic ALIFE bubble t-shirt…ALIFE present their new t-shirt available in black and white…go to for more


jadakiss-alife-tshirt-1-630x420 jadakiss-alife-tshirt-2-630x420

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So Yeezus leaked this week and to be honest its still growing on me… i like new slaves and bound 2 but yeah the rest should hopefully get there…here is a short film released by Kanye West inspired by American Psycho starring Jonathan Cheban and Scott Disick to support the release of the album…

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Here is comme des garcons play spring/summer 2013 editorial featuring rapper stalley… the companies more street focused sub brand has released a mixture of graphic tees and long sleeve polka pieces…you can purchase at



comme-des-garcons-play-springsummer-2013-editorial-featuring-stalley-08-630x420 comme-des-garcons-play-springsummer-2013-editorial-featuring-stalley-09-630x420 comme-des-garcons-play-springsummer-2013-editorial-featuring-stalley-01-630x420 comme-des-garcons-play-springsummer-2013-editorial-featuring-stalley-02-630x420 comme-des-garcons-play-springsummer-2013-editorial-featuring-stalley-05-630x420 comme-des-garcons-play-springsummer-2013-editorial-featuring-stalley-07-630x420 comme-des-garcons-play-springsummer-2013-editorial-featuring-stalley-03-630x420

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Kanye debuted his new song across 66 of the worlds city by projecting himself rapping to ‘New Slaves’ in front of crowds…Here is some footage from one of the walls…


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Here is the new video for Kendrick Lamar’s Bitch, Dont Kill my Vibe off the Good kid M.A.A.D City album…one of my favourite albums of last year… not really sure whats going on in the video, it appears to be a funeral scene, a crazy one at that… but if you cant appreciate that i guess just appreciate the song …


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Ive been listening to the Wolf album over the last couple of days and first i wasn’t a massive fan but i would say its a grower and I’m starting to quite like the album… this is one of my favourite songs and now the video has been released… it is quite creepy, with Tyler walking around a doll house, but that face he pulls at 0:50 had me in stitches… be sure to look out for Tyler’s new album dropping on the 2nd of April…

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One of my favourite albums of this year, A$AP Rocky’s Long.Live.A$AP…and now we have the visuals for the banger ‘Wild for the night’…the video was shot in the slums of the dominican republic and A$AP is joined by his mob as well as Skrillex…this song needs to be played loud so crank those speakers up !


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