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Both brands have combined once again to bring us the’Dot’ collection which funny enough comprises of several items featuring the classic polka dot design with grey panelling… the collection includes a backpack, duffle bag and waist bag and is available from http://www.stussy.com/features/stussy-herschel-dot-collection


StussyHerschel-Feature-2013-m StussyHerschel-FA13-DOT-8 StussyHerschel-Feature-2013-b StussyHerschel-FA13-DOT-3a StussyHerschel-Feature-2013-f StussyHerschel-Feature-2013-n StussyHerschel-Feature-2013-e StussyHerschel-Feature-2013-h StussyHerschel-Feature-2013-l

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A good friend of mine was lucky enough to go and photograph the new palace pop up in covent garden last week and she was talking to me about their new collaboration with Reebok…with Uk based Palace focusing on its heritage following up from their collaboration with UMBRO and the popularity of the Reebok trainer in England it seemed a well suited match and its looking as though Reebok have made a successful re-entry into the world of skateboarding and here is the evidence…

For more visit http://www.palaceskateboards.com

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Keeping it brief…I have a huge interest in street wear fashion and as a marketing student also a keen interest in advertising so when i stumbled across these photos from old Stussy ads from the early 90’s late 80’s i thought they were definitely worth a post…

stussydecember1989 stussyjanuary1990 stussyoctober1989 stussyadjan1989 stussyjuly1990 stussyjune1991 stussydecember1990 thrasherseptember19901

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Yeah im really late with this, but i thought i better post it up…this is the mens spring/summer 2013 lookbook for Goodhoods men’s collection…The photography by two of swords is awesome and so is the styling, featuring latest stock from Neighborhood, Norse Projects, Wood Wood, Soulland, Maiden Noir and more. Go to http://goodhoodstore.com to purchase and for more info…



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Here is comme des garcons play spring/summer 2013 editorial featuring rapper stalley… the companies more street focused sub brand has released a mixture of graphic tees and long sleeve polka pieces…you can purchase at http://shop.doverstreetmarket.com/comme-des-garcons/play



comme-des-garcons-play-springsummer-2013-editorial-featuring-stalley-08-630x420 comme-des-garcons-play-springsummer-2013-editorial-featuring-stalley-09-630x420 comme-des-garcons-play-springsummer-2013-editorial-featuring-stalley-01-630x420 comme-des-garcons-play-springsummer-2013-editorial-featuring-stalley-02-630x420 comme-des-garcons-play-springsummer-2013-editorial-featuring-stalley-05-630x420 comme-des-garcons-play-springsummer-2013-editorial-featuring-stalley-07-630x420 comme-des-garcons-play-springsummer-2013-editorial-featuring-stalley-03-630x420

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P&Co.Ricki Hall

Here is a promotional video for P&Co’s limited edition for range for man of the moment Ricki Hall…the collection consists of 3 t-shirts The Unlovable Heartbreaker”, “Unlovable icons” and the “Unlovable Crest”. As well as this they have released a limited run of Ricki Hall wooden combs… for more check http://www.pand.co

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Ive been slacking badly lately… this is mainly due to exams which thankfully are now over so i should be posting a lot more regularly…Only NY are definitely one of my favourite street brands and here are some items from their Spring/Summer collection…The collection is inspired by the owners hobbies and surroundings, whilst referencing the year the brand was founded (1997) …”From years of skateboarding & writing graffiti, to sporting old school Polo and North Face, ONLY NY embodies our roots and has been 10 years in the making. Our brand represents the hood to Park Ave. and everything in between. If you’re down with New York, you’re down with ONLY NY.” For more go to http://onlynylives.com 


only-ny-2013-spring-summer-new-releases-5 onlyny_springsummer2013_04 only-ny-2013-spring-summer-new-releases-1 only-ny-2013-spring-summer-new-releases-3 onlyny_springsummer2013_06 onlyny_springsummer2013_10 onlyny_springsummer2013_03 only-ny-2013-spring-summer-new-releases-2 onlyny_springsummer2013_02 onlyny_springsummer2013_05 onlyny_springsummer2013_07

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